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What is Coverleaf?

We have been assisting Canadians in need of medical cannabis since the Medical Marihuana Access Regulations in 2013.

The Coverleaf clinic assists hundreds of Canadian patients each month. Our goal is to connect you with a health practitioner who understands your medical cannabis needs. Once you obtain your prescription, our team will help you:

  • Understand how to use medical cannabis as a treatment
  • Navigate through the many authorized producers of medical cannabis
  • Register with an authorized producer of medical cannabis
  • Obtain a license to grow your own medical cannabis
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Quickly get a medical cannabis prescription

Quickly get a medical cannabis prescription

Shortly after speaking with our medical coordinator, you will consult a health care professional who may prescribe cannabis to you.

Medical Cannabis Insurance Coverage

Medical Cannabis Insurance Coverage

We work closely with insurance companies such as Blue Cross, for Canadian Armed Forces Veterans, and other major Canadian group or individual insurance providers to ensure your medication is covered.

Medical Cannabis Education

Every day, over the phone or in person at our offices, our medical team raises awareness about alternative medical treatments. We regularly host information sessions for Canadian patients and health practitioners alike.


Coverleaf - We provide a services you can count on

Why choose medical cannabis over traditional treatments?

One in five Canadians suffers from Chronic pain. One in ten Canadians suffers from an anxiety disorder. Those symptoms affect their everyday life and cost a lot of money, to the patient but also to the Health Care system. Many patients do not respond well to conventional medical treatments such as opioids and antidepressants which have many side effects and a strong risk of addiction. Medical cannabis could be the ideal alternative treatment.

Health Canada’s Access to Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) allows patients to legally possess, purchase cannabis from a Licensed Commercial Producer, and/or apply for a personal production license. In order to register under the ACMPR, patients must have support from a medical doctor or nurse practitioner.


Meet the Team

We are dedicated to helping Canadians looking for a safer way to alleviate their symptoms. Our team understand your needs and concern and will always be available to guide you through the process of getting a medical cannabis prescription and a safe treatment

Huu Phu Nguyen

Medical Coordinator

Jennifer Gamble


David Selema

Medical consultant

Dhili Nakeeran


Francis Hebert

Grow your own: ACMPR License

Since 2016, Canadians are allowed to grow their own medical cannabis as described in the ACMPR set of regulations. To do so, you need to fulfill the Health Canada requirements. Coverleaf can assist you to obtain a medical cannabis prescription and a license to grow.

Cannabis Law Guide

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Total Medical Cannabis Taxes Paid By Canadian Patients Since 2014