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Advice for a First Time Cannabis User

Advice for a First Time Cannabis User 1200 900 Coverleaf

Always remember, it’s having too much THC that makes you sick – and drowsy.

Any first time should end as a good experience. The same is true for cannabis. Unfortunately, not everyone’s first time experience is a good one. A bad trip for some can mean dizziness, headache, a racing heart, intense anxiety, paranoia, or a panic attack. It’s not a wonder that some who start will want to swear off cannabis forever.

Every first timer has questions. What’s an indica and sativa? What’s CBD? What’s difference vaping and smoking cannabis? What’s cannabis oil? How do edibles feel? Cannabis legalization has made many of us more curious to try. If it’s you’re first time, here are a few ideas to get you started:

1.   Hangout in a comfortable place with a friend

Too often, old-time cannabis users will push newcomers to smoke too much. “Come on, take one more,” like you’re in a weed boot camp.

Sometimes, even with our best efforts, we can take too much cannabis and get sick.  If it’s your first time, spend it with friends you trust. It’s your friend’s job to keep an eye on you, to walk you through to know what to expect. It’s also time to have fun. So watch a movie, listen to a favorite album, or simply talk to your friend.

2.   Consume wisely

There are different ways to consume cannabis. You can smoke, vaporize, eat or drink it. Most people begin with smoking, but the downside is the coughing and bronchitis that some prefer to avoid.

Vaporizing is popular among newcomers since it avoids the throat and lung issues of smoking and adds the ability to smell and taste the flower’s flavors. The downside, according to a 2019 Journal of American Medical Association study, is that vaping might be too much for first time users.

Edibles are a bad idea for first timers. Anyone who’s tried cannabis-infused edibles knows that large doses can overwhelm. If you try edibles, start slow and go low. Try a 5-mg edible and wait for the peak before introducing more.

1.   Drink water

Too much THC can feel overwhelming, like you want to sleep with a headache. The number one rule is to stay hydrated. By hydrated, we mean lots of water. Water helps dull the high and curbs dry mouth, a common side effect of THC. When we say “hydrate,” we don’t mean alcohol. Researchers in 2015 published a study that alcohol could increase THC blood concentrations, making the bad “high” feel worse.

2.   Eat a Lemon

Some people swear by the fact that eating lemon produces a calming effect that counteracts THC effects. If you want to try, you eat some lemon or add lemon pulp or rind into water. You could also inhale as an essential oil.

3.   Sniff Black Pepper

According to Ethan Russo, author of a scientific review published in the British Journal of Pharmacology, cannabis and pepper have very similar chemical traits known to help with pain, depression, addiction, and anxiety. All you need to do is just sniff on a few black peppercorns and you almost immediately feel a relief. It can be chew as a peppercorn. Give it a try, peppers might bring instant relief.

4.   Know Your Limits

If it’s your first time, take your time and start with low amounts at first. If you feel fine after the first inhale, feel free to wait out the next turn in the rotation. You could also try a low THC or high CBD strain. CBD is excellent at anxiety-fighting, which is being used to counteract the effects of too much THC.

Did you find this helpful? Our hope is that you enjoy your first time experience and learn what is best for you. Whenever you are ready, know that everyone has had a first time too. To make this a wonderful experience, learn more and always buy legal, lab-tested, pesticide-free grown cannabis.